Sports Events

SPORTS – one of most important aspect for Australians. Australia being a world-famous country for Sports how can we miss organising Sports Event!! We specialising in organizing many Sports Event


Sporting event means an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess, usually competitive in nature and governed by a set of rules provided by a nationally recognized sanctioning body.

What types of sports events we help you with


Running Events

We organise various types of running events like marathons, half – marathons, triathlons in and around NSW.  Various other running events like fun run, park run, mud and colour run, obstacle course races are also organised by us. If you want to organise any such event contact us now.


Swimming Competition

 If you want to organise a swimming competition for juniors, schools or university we can help you with it.



There are various types of Cycling activity held in NSW. Whether its country ride, mountain climbing ride, cycle racing etc. are various such events organised by E3Events.


Kids sports events

We even organise kids sports events like running, cycling, soccer, football, gymnastics and many more.

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